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32 Envelope Challenge Booklet | Save $850

32 Envelope Challenge Booklet | Save $850

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Save $850 with this challenge! A twist on the classic “100 envelope challenge” , this challenge comes with a book that has 32 slots to put your money in. Each slot has an amount that correlates with the amounts on the tracker.

If you want to customize the challenge to a different amount please let me know**


  • Choose the amount you want to save, then put the money in the slot on the BACK SIDE of the page 
  • Use the tracker card to track your progress! Cross off each dollar amount as you save it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Although there are technically “slots” on each side of the page (technically there are 4 per page), I designed this challenge so that each page only holds 2 “amounts” and the money goes into the slots on the back of each page. The slot on the front side is a placeholder for the dollar amount. I designed it this way to avoid the booklet becoming overly bulging and to keep it nice and neat. 

Additionally, I specifically picked the numbers for each slot in a way that you won’t have to stuff more than 2-3 “bills” into each - again, to avoid bulging and potential seam ripping! 

You are more than welcome to put the cash wherever you want, but please keep in mind that I designed it the way I did to preserve not only the looks, but the quality and functionality of the booklet. 


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