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Horizontal Savings Challenge Set | Monthly or Sections | $1K - $5K

Horizontal Savings Challenge Set | Monthly or Sections | $1K - $5K

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A bigger & horizontal version of our monthly savings challenges! Available in amounts $1K - $5K 


  1. Challenge Amount:  $1K, $2K, $3K, $4K or $5K

  2. Style: Sections or Monthly - amounts are the same, the only difference is the challenge is either labeled with the months or by 12 sections, purely for your own preferences!

  3. Pouch: Challenge comes with 1 clear A6 zip binder pouch free of charge, however you can also upgrade this to a zipper money bag* for additional $6.00 


  • Includes 12 reusable trackers, 1 challenge cover, and 1 zip pouch, clear (or add zipper money bag for additional charge)
  • Made with thick premium vellum or cardstock (natural soft white) 
  • Reusable, 5mil laminated tracker - matte or glossy 
  • Fits in A6 envelopes or zip pouches
  • Approx. size = 6 x 2.7 inches

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the savings challenge tracker(s) only - no binders, cash, envelopes or accessories in the photos are included.

*Colors and variations subject to change with restocks/phase outs, etc. what is available will always be listed accordingly here


Why have the option to pick monthly or sections? How do I choose? 
Everyone’s financial situation is different, and everyone budgets/saves their money in their own way. Some people know for sure that they will consistently have money to put aside every month. For this person, a monthly challenge is a good option because you know you will likely be able to work through the challenge and save each amount month to month (of course it’s okay if you don’t!), making it realistically achievable. It is also great for accountability- so someone who struggles with accountability or maybe just needs that structure to stay on task for the goal ahead- then the monthly would also probably be a good choice! 

On the other side of things, if you are someone who has a low, varying, or unpredictable income, then having money to put aside for savings each month is likely not guaranteed as your budget will look different every month. In this case, choosing the sections option might be a good idea. This allows you to just work through each section as you are able to without the pressure of having to save specific amounts in a specific month- which can be discouraging and frustrating when you aren’t able to consistently meet those expectations.

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